Sass & Bide

“Having previously been through various leadership modules, I was interested to see how the Leadership Impact program with Alan would enhance my ability to lead teams. I found from the very beginning that there was much to learn from the Leadership Impact concept and embraced the opportunity to look at my leadership style and embark on this program to ensure my effectiveness as a leader in my future career.

Alan assisted with my apprehension to take on initial testing and really helped me see the opportunity through the program. My style over the coming 12-18 months saw a dramatic improvement on my constructive styles, particularly self-actualising. I realised that I was able to stand up for my value and encourage my team to do the same. The competitive streak in my leadership has always been evident. However, I now understand it’s role and how I can better balance that in my everyday working environment. This program really gave me the tools to understand how I lead and what I needed to change in order to be better. Alan allowed me to feel comfortable to address the parts of my leadership style that need to change. I felt supported in making those changes and Alan guided me through the transformation process which was amazing. I now use these leadership styles in my everyday work and would not be where I am today if I had not gone on the Leadership Impact journey with Alan and really just ‘changed the way I think”.