The Alignment Partnership

“Alan is unique in the world of change agents as he has lived the experience as well as the theoretical understanding – he knows what it is like for a CEO to undertake a journey of real magnitude and significant personal and organizational risk. This makes Alan supremely qualified to advise and coach senior executives who with  to achieve similar transformations.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr Alan McGilvray since 2001, not long after he was appointed to the position of CEO and Chairman of Bayer ANZ. Alan faced numerous challenged to achieve the very ambitious targets set by Bayer globally for the local business including mature markets, increasing competition, merger speculation and a company which scored in the lowest 10% of all Australian organizations for employee engagement. By the time Alan left Bayer, five years later, the organization had exceeded all financial expectations and had been recognized as one of the top 10 employers in Australia. In my opinion, the key factor enabling the transformation of Bayer ANZ was Alan’s own leadership transformation.

Alan shifted from a predominantly task-focused and highly stressed manager to a satisfaction-driven, constructive leader who achieved far greater results with far less effort. Alan’s openness and dedication to personal change set the tone for all leaders in the organization who in turn shifted Bayer ANZ’s culture dramatically over a period of 4 years. Alan is a leader of the very highest ethics and integrity. His honesty and moral compass can be very disarming to those in positions of authority as he does not play politics and never shirks the hard conversations.

Alan’s wit, humor and disarming style endear him to a very wide audience; from CEO to shop floor.”