This is Career Relaunched.

“Career Relaunched does what is says, giving you the opportunity to participate in a journey of leadership transformation and to use the process to relaunch your career”

Alan McGilvray


“Mercenary to Missionary “Dr Peter Fuda

In his 25 years in the corporate world with Bayer, a large German pharmaceutical company, Alan McGilvray progressed from a UK sales representative to Chairman and CEO of Australia and New Zealand, with limited leadership training. During his tenure, Alan initiated and implemented a Leadership Development program which catalysed a huge shift towards an adaptive culture. This in turn produced improved business performance, and also led to the organisation securing the Hewitt Award for Top 10 Best Employer in Australia.
After leaving Bayer, Alan founded Norvox Consulting and for the last 12 years has been helping organisations increase business performance through the effective development of leadership and culture.

During this time he gained a huge amount of satisfaction from his work. However, he found that in leadership programs there is a difference between those that are being told to participate and those who really want to.

So Alan is now focussing his energy and effort on helping those who really want to change. The big question was ‘how do I help the individuals who would benefit from my corporate and executive coaching experience?” It was during a lunch with his coach and mentor, Dr Peter Fuda, that the “ah-ha” moment came in discussing the issues described above. Peter advised Alan to go from Mercenary to Missionary and that is exactly what Alan did, by forming Career Relaunched.

Now Alan wants to give anyone who wants to kick start their career, the opportunity to benefit from his experience. using a proven leadership transformation process over a 12 – 15 month period.